Destination Dixie

Destination DixieDestination Dixie: Tourism & Southern History is an edited collection that examines how tourist sites in the South interpret local and regional history for the touring public  Included are essays on the Elvis Presley birthplace, New Orleans cemeteries, historic Charleston and more! (University Press of Florida, 2012) *Destination Dixie is the winner of the 2013 Allen G. Noble Award from the Pioneer America Society for the best edited collection on North American material culture. *Now in paperback!


Of interest to both general readers and academics, this work reveals how narratives of history told at heritage tourism sites in the American South have been influenced by race, collective memory, economics, and local politics. — Book News

Fascinating narratives that examine challenging intersections of history, heritage, and memory encountered along the road to historic tourism. — CHOICE

Vigorous collection of essays. The expertise and competence of its contributors guarantees a well-documented research that reveals the complexities of telling and selling of southern history. — European Journal of American Studies

A superb addition to the flourishing field of tourism studies. — Journal of American History